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How RizeUp Media helped Jeremy Rosenthal rise the ranks to the first page of Google

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, based in Denver, Colorado, has specialized in personal injury law for over 12 years. Their team came to RizeUp Media with a very specific challenge: to improve search rankings for key terms based on auto accident queries – and boost conversions at the same time.

The results? We think they speak for themselves:

  • Improved positioning for competitive key phrase “denver car accident attorney” from page 3 all the way up to the second result of page 1.
  • Delivered the equivalent of $28,000 worth of Pay-Per-Click traffic organically.
  • Successfully optimized a single page so that it ranks for 165 different terms.
  • The page was so well optimized that it accounted for 60% of overall traffic to the site.
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