One of your main goals for your website should be to convert visitors into clients, but, to do this, you need to speak to their underlying hopes and desires when it comes to finding legal representation. Put yourself into the position of your average client. What would you want to know before hiring a lawyer? What kind of lawyer would make you feel most comfortable in a legal predicament? Asking these questions is the first step in connecting to potential clients on a more meaningful and memorable level.

As you develop content for your law firm’s website, make sure your site clearly conveys the traits and values you would want to see in a lawyer representing your interests in court. Adopt a client-centered approach to your website’s development and content strategy. Once you start thinking about legal services from a potential client’s perspective, you can start developing content that will resonate with website visitors on a deeper level and increase your conversion rate.

Essential Components of Your Website

If you want to make connections with potential clients, you need to put yourself in their shoes and publish content that speaks to their needs and expectations. You also need to develop this content in a relatable, understandable way.


Imagine an average person with a choice between two lawyers. Both lawyers graduated from the same law school, practice the same type of law, and offer comparable rates for their services. However, one lawyer has ten years more experience than the other. Which lawyer do you think would attract the most clients?

It’s essential for your site to carefully list the experience levels of every attorney on your team. Include practical experience in all branches of the law. For example, if you are a former prosecutor who now runs a criminal defense firm, be sure to include your years of experience for both areas of law. A potential client will want to have a firm understanding of your professional experience before agreeing to representation.


Do you specialize in a particular type of law? Some attorneys only accept car accident claims, others specialize in family law for things like divorce agreements, and others are purely defense attorneys for those charged with criminal offenses. If you practice a particular area of law, make sure visitors to your website can quickly and easily discern your areas of expertise and the practice areas for which you accept clients. Potential clients that need representation for the type of law you practice will be able to quickly identify that your firm is a suitable choice for legal counsel.


Legal fees are notoriously expensive, and one of the main points of concern for many of the potential clients who will visit your website. Be as clear as you can about your firm’s billing practices on your website. For example, if you operate a personal injury law firm and accept cases on a contingency fee basis, be sure to explain what this means to website visitors so they know what to expect if they agree to your legal services.

Honesty and Integrity

Attorneys provide an extremely important professional service, but there is unfortunately a prevailing aura of mistrust against many attorneys due to stereotypes and long-standing myths about legal professionals. Legal fees may be expensive, but ultimately an attorney has the right to charge whatever they wish for their services. However, it is essential to provide clients with value that’s acceptable for the money they pay for those services. Your website needs to convey honesty and integrity, so be as reassuring as you can with the content you publish and let potential clients know you have their best interests at heart.


If your firm has earned professional accolades and recognition from legal societies and other professional organizations, be sure to include these details on your site. Potential clients will want to work with an attorney who offers well-rounded experience. If a potential client knows your firm has been officially recognized for any kind of outstanding legal work, this will significantly increase the chances of them contacting your firm.

Compassion and Empathy

People who are online searching for legal representation are almost always feeling some sort of desperate. Whether they are facing financial uncertainty due to unpaid medical bills from an accident another driver caused, or if they have been wrongfully accused of a serious crime and their future is at stake, it’s wise to assume that the people visiting your website need a bit of encouragement.

Develop your content in such a way that it conveys compassion and empathy without sounding condescending or dismissive. If you publish content about particular practice areas, be sure to show readers that you know how they are probably feeling and appreciate the level of stress their situation is causing.

Success Rate

There’s nothing wrong with keeping score. If your firm has a stellar track record of successful cases and a win rate over 90%, be sure to post this score to your website. Let visitors to your site know that your firm believes in comprehensive, aggressive legal representation that gets results. It’s also a good idea to include descriptions of landmark cases your firm has one, with identifying information redacted, of course.

Develop Your Leads with Stellar Content

Your website’s main purpose is to provide potential clients with enough information that they feel like they can confidently choose your firm for the legal representation they need when they need it most. Following the previously mentioned tips will help you create a more polished website that speaks to visitors’ needs. Eventually, your website will become an incredibly potent entry point for leads to connect with your firm.

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