Digital marketing has evolved tremendously over just the past decade. Your law firm’s website is now much more than a digital business card and should be the hub of communication between you and potential clients. Once you obtain a potential client’s email address and their consent to receive your firm’s marketing emails, the email messages you send can make or break your relationships with these mailing list recipients.

Whether you send out weekly or monthly newsletters and links to your latest blog posts, it’s always worth considering the ways to make your email marketing more effective. A drip campaign can be the perfect solution, one that allows you to tailor your mailing list recipients’ experiences with your firm based on their interactions with you in the past.

Drip campaigns are flexible, easy to develop, and incredibly effective as marketing tools. If you are interested in a new way to reach potential clients and maximize your digital marketing strategy, it’s vital to understand what a drip campaign is and how it works so you can decide whether it could be an effective tool for your firm.

What Is a Drip Campaign?

As the name suggests, a drip campaign is an email marketing campaign that “drips” email content to the members of your mailing list. However, not every member may have the same experience. Drip campaigns change depending on a recipient’s past actions, and certain actions may trigger specific email messages. For example, when someone submits their email address to be included in your mailing list, they may receive an automatic email message confirming their subscription. A drip campaign allows you to arrange interactions like these to guide customer experiences toward converting and hiring your firm.

Think of a drip campaign as a web of potential interactions. Customers who interact with your brand could take A, B, or C actions. Each option would lead to a different email message in response based on the level of interest the customer displays. You could decide that action A indicates a strong desire to find legal representation, action B indicates moderate interest in your legal services, and action C represents a passing interest in the information your firm could provide. The next step in a drip campaign is designing appropriate responses to each of these actions in email form.

For example, you could tailor a drip campaign around “lukewarm” leads who may be interested in legal services in their area but are not yet ready to hire legal counsel. You could also create a separate drip campaign for users who comment on your blog posts or interact with your firm over social media.

There are a variety of ways you can customize a drip campaign. Brands across various industries have reported success from their carefully crafted email drip campaigns.

Marketing Your Firm With a Drip Campaign

The first step in creating an effective email drip campaign for your firm is to identify the potential actions a potential client might take when interacting with your firm online. A few examples of actions a potential client might take that could trigger a drip campaign email include:

  • Signing up for your email list.
  • Registering a username on your website to post comments on your blog.
  • Commenting or replying to comments on your blog posts.
  • Following your social media profiles.
  • Responding to polls or questionnaires on your website.
  • Submitting a nonurgent request for information through your online contact form.

These are just a few examples of how you can configure your drip campaign around mailing list recipients’ actions. Taking this approach to email marketing allows you to account for the varying levels of interest your potential clients might display toward your firm and target these leads more precisely with future marketing emails. After you have determined the actions that trigger different drip campaign emails, it’s time to develop the content that these email messages will include.

Warm leads that display a clear need for legal services in the near future might receive emails that direct them to your firm’s different practice area webpages, allowing them to familiarize themselves with your firm’s services before contacting you for a consultation. A lukewarm lead who may not yet need legal services but is still interested in the information your firm can provide will probably be interested in emails about your newest blog posts and article contributions. People who respond to polls and questionnaires might be more inclined to provide detailed feedback through more extensive email surveys.

Track Your Performance Over Time

One important thing to remember about drip campaigns is that they are easy to evolve and adapt over time but only if you track your progress consistently. As you develop a new drip campaign, set goals for different drip campaign emails and measure how effective they are at reaching those goals. Use the information you gather from these early drip campaigns to inform your future marketing efforts. As you discover new paths, a potential client might take to arrive at your website, think of new actions they might perform to kick off a unique series of drip campaign emails.

Carefully and consistently tracking the results of your drip campaign helps you extract maximum value from these marketing efforts. Email marketing continues to hold sway because of the incredible ROI it provides as a marketing tool. Designing a drip campaign can help you maximize this ROI even better, which is important when you consider how competitive modern law firm marketing can be.

Find Support With Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Managing a law firm is a difficult undertaking. Your legal team may be handling multiple cases at a time while still striving to ensure a steady flow of future clients. Managing your digital marketing efforts at the same time can be incredibly challenging without professional support.

To overhaul your email marketing strategy or implement an effective drip campaign, the right managed service provider can be an incredible asset. At RizeUp Media, we help law firms of all practice areas and locations in the US with their digital marketing strategies. If you’re interested in developing a better email marketing solution for your law firm, contact the RizeUp Media team today to learn more about the marketing services we offer.