How RizeUp Media helped Jeremy
rise the ranks to the first
page of Google

At RizeUp Media, we’ve helped countless law firms in California and across the United States to improve their online presence, reach new audiences, and land new clients. In this case study, we’ll focus on one of our clients: The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, and how we delivered first-page results in a highly competitive space

The problem

Why Jeremy Rosenthal engaged
RizeUp Media

Based in Denver, Colorado, Jeremy Rosenthal and his team of attorneys have specialized in personal injury law for over 12 years.

Built on the belief that every injured plaintiff has the right to compensation, the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal naturally wanted to increase their online visibility in the personal injury space – but they were having some trouble getting their website to rank near the top of the search results.

More specifically, the law firm was having difficulty ranking their website on Google for terms based around auto accident queries. As one of the most lucrative areas of personal injury, boosting Google placement by just a handful of positions can result in a huge boost in conversions and, by extension, new customers.

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal came to RizeUp Media with a simple request: improve SEO rankings for auto accident queries and related local terms.

The solution

How we approached the problem

Going into this project, the SEO team at RizeUp knew two things: that the niche was incredibly competitive, and that the client wanted a local focus. This meant that our key terms would be key phrases like “auto accident lawyer Denver”, “Denver car accident lawyer”, and “Denver car accident attorney”.

Before we began implementing our proven local SEO strategies, we carried out a full competitive analysis of the search landscape – and the results were eye-opening.

Taking just the term “Denver car accident attorney” as an example, we were looking at a keyword with a monthly search volume of over 3000 on Google. That’s a great opportunity – but it’s also a big ask for any Search Engine Optimization specialist.

As part of our prep work, we also analyzed the current positioning of the client for key terms. Again, in the case of “denver car accident attorney”, The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal was ranking quite low – on page 3 of Google’s results in position 35. Studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of users don’t click past page 1, so we knew exactly what we had to do – and so, we set to work.

The results

How we improved the firm’s
SEO results

Having carried out a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape for the client’s key terms, the RizeUp Media team set to work with our technical on-page and off-page SEO services.

With The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, we leveraged advanced Search Engines Optimization strategies such as blogger outreach, backlink building, content creation and management, keyword and website optimization, and much more.

We also deployed a proprietary data-driven scientific method of our own to analyze on-page ranking signals based on competition for a particular search term. This approach allows us to analyze over 2000 ranking factors and optimize for them.

So, how did we do?

Over the course of just five months, our SEO work resulted in a positive position increase across the board for all targeted terms.

After engaging RizeUp Media’s SEO services, the law firm’s position for “denver car accident attorney” rose to page 1, position 2. We also delivered page 1 results for other locally-focused key phrases, including “auto accident lawyer denver” and “denver car accident lawyer”.

Here are the key achievements for this client:

Delivered the equivalent of $28,000 worth of Pay-Per-Click traffic organically.

Successfully optimized a single page so that it ranks for 165 different terms.

The page was so well optimized that it accounted for 60% of overall traffic to the site.

In addition to all of these positive outcomes, we also achieved a “Featured Snippet” placement – sometimes referred to as position zero – meaning the firm’s result appeared at the very top of all search results. A huge win!

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