Social media is one of the most potent marketing tools available today, but it’s essential to understand how social media works and to develop a coherent strategy to market your law firm successfully. Social media can make or break marketing efforts; every business must be able to “read the room” and understand the tone that should be taken with every post and every interaction.

The following tips can help a law firm more precisely target their social media marketing strategy. A strong social media presence can boost word-of-mouth recommendations and a firm’s reputation, two of the strongest assets for any law firm to possess.

Maintain Few, Strong Social Media Profiles

There are many different social media platforms available today. A business can do well on any of them with the right approach, however, it’s best to avoid spreading your social media marketing efforts too thinly. Instead of trying to juggle social media accounts on five or six different platforms, try your hand at two or three to start. You can find lots of tools online that will help you manage them more effectively, such as uploading new content to your different profiles on a schedule and timed publications. When you invest in a social media profile, you should aim to refine it as much as possible to extract maximum value from your efforts.

Offer Helpful Information and Light Entertainment

Social media is a way for the average person to relax. It’s also one of the best methods for consumers to get in touch with businesses whose products and services they need. Aim for a social media strategy that positions your law firm’s profile as an equally helpful and entertaining place. This is where tone and timing become crucial. The right joke or funny post at the right time can be an incredible boon to your social media engagement metrics but failing to “read the room” can be disastrous for your firm’s reputation.

Create and Post High-Quality Images and Graphics

One of the best ways you can position your firm as a trustworthy source of information is to present legal information in an easily understandable way. Visual content is incredibly effective at gaining traction on social media. Create infographics or other visuals you can share to your social media following. You can also find uses for these graphics on your website’s blog posts and marketing emails. Imagery is valuable as a marketing tool, so brainstorm some of the ways you could present relevant legal information using visual aids online.

Create a Schedule and Social Media Management System

You should not approach social media marketing as a “once and done” form of advertising. Just like updating the blog on your law firm’s website, you must publish content to your social media profiles on a regular basis. Plan out your posts in advance and stay flexible enough to account for timely posts about current events. You can also develop a cohesive social media marketing system with the help of a reliable digital marketing service.

Keep It Professional

While humor can be effective, you want to use it sparingly lest your followers start to think you’re a spoof account and not actually a firm of professional attorneys. Timely and tasteful jokes and funny posts are fine on holidays and an occasional basis, but your social media presence should position your firm as a legal authority first and foremost. It’s also important to keep the tone appropriate to the subject matter when interacting with your followers. If someone posts a serious question and you respond dismissively or with inappropriately timed humor, this could be a major faux pas that loses your firm several potential clients.

Invite People to Engage with Your Profiles

It’s necessary to go out looking for connections with social media marketing. If you have invested time and resources into developing your profile, you should not expect potential clients to simply find you and start following your profiles. Invite people to your profiles that can help you grow your social media networks. Create posts that encourage engagement from your followers, such as Q&As, polls, and interactive quizzes.

Be Consistent

When people go looking on social media for legal representation, they typically look for recommendations from friends and family first. If you have a consistent attitude and approach on social media, this inherently conveys professional authority, reliability, and professionalism. Try to develop a consistent tone and publication schedule for your social media profiles so your audience will grow more familiar with you.

Engage with Your Followers

Once you have cultivated solid social media followings, don’t fall into the trap of looking at the number of comments your posts receive as just another engagement metric. You need to actually read and engage with those comments – as many as possible and as frequently as possible. This may seem like a big ask, but, in the long run, the more you engage with the followers of your social media profiles, the more they will come to trust and respect you. Some of your followers may not even need legal representation, but taking the time to answer one of their questions could be enough for them to recommend your firm to a friend who does.

Track Your Progress

If you have invested time and resources into a few social media profiles, it’s essential to track your engagement over time. You might realize that your following is growing much faster on one platform than another or that one platform in particular tends to generate most of the social media engagement you see. These data can help you make more informed decisions about future marketing efforts and how to best refine your current social media marketing strategy.

Ultimately, social media marketing is incredibly powerful when done correctly. These tips should help any law firm start forming the foundations of their social media marketing strategy, and RizeUp Media can help. We provide a full range of digital marketing services to professionals like the attorneys at your firm. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take full advantage of the power of social media marketing.