Approximately half the world (or 3.5 billion people) use social media daily. If you don’t, you are likely invisible to a huge portion of the population. Law firms are like many other small businesses – they must invest in a strong digital marketing campaign to be seen by potential clients. That kind of campaign means leveraging proven marketing tactics to capture the most traffic online. If your firm is falling short of engagement targets and failing to reel-in leads from social media marketing efforts, it may be time to change your strategy. Learn how to improve your firm’s social presence and get more attention from local leads.

The Value of Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

Ultimately, social media is a community. If you aren’t investing in that community, you won’t get the visibility you need to grow. As a law firm, you’re seen as a source for answers and information on social channels. Successfully navigating social media can lead to significant business benefits, including:

  • Increased firm engagement
  • Enhanced firm recognition online
  • Improved local SEO and position in SERPs
  • Greater lead generation
  • Establishment of thought leadership

The key to gaining these valuable benefits is the development of an effective marketing strategy that is linked to your firm’s goals. The first step is to align your local SEO and social media marketing strategies.

How Social Media & Local SEO Help Each Other

Local SEO helps searchers in your area find you when they’re looking for legal advice. It also ensures your firm is easily found across the web. The more attention your site gets, the easier it is for local searchers to find you. In addition to paid traffic and website SEO, local SEO sends signals to Google that help the algorithm make decisions about what results populate when terms are searched. Best practices for local SEO include:

  • Establishing and updating your firm’s Google My Business profile
  • Standardizing name, address, and phone number across platforms
  • Adding geo-specific content to your website
  • Joining business directories online
  • Claiming business profiles on professional websites

A comprehensive local SEO strategy, combined with proven social media tactics, increases your brand’s presence online, ensuring your law firm is easy to find when people search for your area of expertise.

7 Ways Improve Your Social Media Presence (and ROI)

Social media is a two-way conversation; it’s not simply a commercial for your firm. This is where so many businesses get it wrong. What people on social media seek is a demonstrated effort to engage and keep the conversation going. Consider the following seven tactics to increase engagement and improve your social media outreach.

  1. Create Polls

Posting helpful information and engaging content to your feed is one thing, but it’s not an immediate call to action. Users like to have something to do. Polls and questionnaires motivate viewers to respond, sparking a conversation. Poll content may include whether they’re aware of a new law or recently released statistic related to your legal specialty. Keep questions and possible answers short to avoid confusion and boost the response rate.

  1. Acknowledge Comments

It might sound like common sense, but when someone takes the time to comment on your post, the best thing you can do is acknowledge it with a reply. A quick response leaves your commenter with a positive feeling about the interaction, which means they’re more likely to return to your page or engage with your content. When it’s time to work with a lawyer, they will remember you. It’s also likely that they aren’t the only one who wants an answer to that question. Your response could be what engages another potential client.

  1. Make Customer Service a Priority

The majority of current or potential clients on social media interact with a business with the expectation that their questions or concerns will be addressed. While it’s sometimes appropriate to provide issue resolution in a more personal format, such as phone or in the office, it’s perfectly acceptable to acknowledge the concern and provide next steps.

  1. Host Live Chats or Interviews

Leverage live chat features available on most social platforms, such as Facebook Live or Instagram Live, to host a virtual event. Encourage viewers to submit questions prior to the event and market the event across social channels to increase virtual attendance. User-generated content is a fun way to get your audience involved while boosting your social media marketing ROI.

  1. Capture Attention with Stories

The Stories feature on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a great way to get attention from members of your audience, particularly if they use the mobile device app. Newly launched Stories receive prominent placement on social feeds. Users are often notified when new Stories are available, further boosting your reach and increasing engagement. Use Stories to have a short conversation with your viewers, launch a poll, or share your firm’s commentary on current events.

  1. Highlight Case Studies

Has your firm become the local go-to for certain types of legal concerns? Are there legal issues you frequently get asked about that may benefit from a case study-style blog or post? Whether you’re promoting a new blog or can simplify a case study to fit a social post, highlighting case studies provides context to complex legal issues and possible outcomes for a case. It’s a win-win as your firm showcases its expertise while viewers gain valuable knowledge.

  1. Show Your Softer Side

Your website is all business, but your social channels are where your firm can let loose a little bit. Create social content that makes a human connection with members of your audience by using your platforms to show your firm’s softer side. This might mean posting about a recent volunteer event your staff participated in or a fundraiser with which your firm was involved. Not only does this type of content humanize your firm’s brand in the community, but it also reinforces the fact that your firm is invested in people.

Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’re not experiencing results with your current social media strategy, it’s time for a change. We work with law firms that represent many legal specialties. We understand how social media is tied to your greater marketing goals. Whether you’re just starting out with social media or have experienced a lull in engagement, we can help.

At RizeUp Media, we specialize in digital marketing for business that produces and converts more leads. We use data-driven insights to create a customized social media strategy for your brand. From individual attorneys leading the charge in their practice to large legal firms, our clients have experienced positive results and ROI after partnering with us. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team.