7 Killer Blog Post Ideas That Help Attorneys Reach the Right People

By RizeUp Media

1. When to Contact an Attorney

If a potential client doesn’t have experience working with lawyers, they  may not realize when they are in a situation that warrants legal  representation. Providing a blog post can help draw in business that is  currently ignorant of your potential to help.

2. What to Do

Many people respond well to a list of clear, accomplishable steps, especially if they are experiencing a crisis. If you publish a legal “to do” list of sorts about certain situations, such as a car accident, workplace injury, etc., you’ll be able to attract people in crisis mode who are looking for a plan.

3. Practice Area Guides and Summaries

Providing a simple, comprehensive breakdown of some of your practice  areas can make you seem more accessible and help potential clients  understand the situations you can help resolve.

4. What to Expect From A Consultation

Even if your consultations are not free, spelling out the process will likely get new clients through the door.

5. Specified FAQs

By getting into some basic answers via a blog post, you not only give people peace of mind about contacting you, but you also make your firm seem more approachable.

6. Law Changes

General information is always a good idea for your law firm’s blog  because it brings in people who are not necessarily looking for a lawyer  but who want information.

7. What Attorneys Can Do

Reinforcing the ways in which attorneys can help outside of a defense  scenario is helpful. This reminds potential clients that you are  available for myriad legal tasks.