Your law firm’s website should be much more than just a digital business card. While the end goal is for clients to get in touch with you and meet you in person for their consultations, it’s crucial to provide them with a reason to choose your law firm over a competitor. The vast majority of people in your area who need legal representation will begin their searches for it online. If they find your law firm, the content posted to your site and the site’s construction itself should convey professional authority, legal acumen, and relatability.

If you think it’s time to invest in an overhauled website, you should keep some of the key characteristics of the best attorney websites in mind to help you craft something memorable, relevant, and successful.

Develop Attorney Profiles

A potential client visiting your site should be able to get to know you and your firm a little bit before they reach out and contact you for a consultation. They will also want to know the qualifications of any potential attorneys. For example, your ten years of experience may be the deciding factor over a competitor with only five years of experience. Your attorney profiles on your website should be relatable personal biographies that include qualifications, experience, and areas of special interest or special skill.

If you look at some of the highest rated attorney websites in the US, you will probably notice they all have very well-developed attorney profiles. Potential clients can visit their sites and get to know their legal qualifications in seconds. Make sure they can do the same on your site.

Clearly State Your Practice Areas

There are probably dozens of other lawyers operating in your service area. To stand apart, it’s essential that you connect with the potential clients who need the type of legal counsel you provide. If you run a personal injury firm, make sure that fact is one of the first a visitor to your website will notice. The same applies if you run a criminal defense firm, a family law practice, or if you offer various areas of legal representation.

Make sure you not only let website visitors know which practice areas your firm can cover but also create webpage content for each of those practice areas. These pages should explain some basic information about each particular branch of the law in your area and illuminate your firm’s philosophy and approach to cases of each type.

Provide a Robust and Consistently Updated Blog

All of the highest-ranking law firms and attorneys in search engine results update their blogs on consistent schedules. Updating your blog regularly with new posts offers several advantages. You will have more opportunities to engage with potential clients before they directly contact your firm. Your site will reap a bonus in search engine result page (SERP) rankings. Google and other search engines prefer websites that update regularly. You will also further position your firm as the leading choice for legal representation in your practice areas.

Speak to Readers in a Relatable Way

There’s no denying the legal industry is complex. There are many terms the average person has probably heard but does not understand. Your goal with your website content should be to ensure readers leave with more information and insight than when they first arrived to your site. They should know that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to legal counsel for their specific issues.

The best attorneys’ websites all speak in relatable, understandable terms. There is no reason to bombard visitors to your website with legal jargon and complex examples of past cases. Keep the information you provide simple, accurate, and easy to understand. Try to maintain an empathetic tone so readers know your firm values authentic, compassionate connections with your clients.

Maintain a Consistent Professional Tone

One thing you will certainly notice when perusing the highest-performing legal websites on the web is that every site conveys a consistent tone. You need to be relatable and understandable without sounding too casual. Demonstrate your skills, experience, and professionalism without sounding condescending. You need to convey compassion and empathy without making visitors wonder if you can fight on behalf of their rights.

It may sound difficult to create and maintain the right tone for speaking with your target audience, but a good rule is to simply create content for your site in the same manner as you would speak to a client or prospective client.

Track Your Site’s Performance

To boost the efficacy of your law firm’s website, you need to be tracking various metrics such as click-through rate from your marketing emails, bounce rate from SERPs, and page time trackers. All this information helps you make more informed decisions about the direction of your website, including the types of posts that generate the most organic leads from search engines and the blogs that generate the most engagement and shares across social media.

You can be sure that the owners of the most successful law firm websites are constantly tracking important metrics and adjusting their web content strategies accordingly. Tracking your metrics helps you determine the best ways to spend your advertising budget on keyword bids and pay-per-click advertising.

There’s nothing wrong with looking at the most successful law firm websites for inspiration if you are looking for ways to boost the performance of your own firm’s website. Ultimately, the goal of your website is to be a hub for all the connections you’ll make, either through organic clicks from search engines or inbound marketing clicks from the marketing emails you send out to your mailing list. These are just some of the ways the best law firm websites consistently earn top placement in SERPs.

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