When someone is in need of legal services, the most common tool they use to find attorneys in their area is the Internet. Having a solid online presence is crucial – and it should be easy to find and easy to navigate. Unlike other types of businesses, law firm websites have a lot to accomplish. They establish your firm’s level of experience, in addition to confirming your service areas and contact information. However,  perhaps the most important component of your website is the inclusion of practice area pages.

Practice area pages are designed to showcase the types of services your law firm can provide. To many people, hiring an attorney can seem daunting, especially to those who have never worked with a lawyer before. In addition, there are many scenarios where people don’t realize they could benefit from hiring an attorney. By listing relatable examples of situations that potential clients might encounter, you make it more likely that they’ll see the value of working with you and decide to do so in the future.

At its most basic, a law firm website could include a simple branching set of pages with brief descriptions about different types of services lawyers can provide. However, to truly be successful, there are important pieces of information you should always include and strategies that can help you relay that information as clearly as possible.

Anatomy of a Practice Area Page

At a glance, there are a few straightforward components to your practice area page:

  • The title. This should appear at the top of the page in a clearly visible manner and state which practice area the page is about.
  • The body. This should include some form of introduction, a description of the services, a persuasive section explaining why hiring an attorney is in their best interest, and a call to action, all organized in a user-friendly format.
  • Links to subpages when applicable. In some cases, you may have a more general practice area page that links to other, more specialized services.

To flesh out these components, consider the purpose of a practice area page. A professional, high quality practice area page will not just inform potential clients of what sorts of legal services you are equipped to handle. It will also convince them that your law firm is the most effective resource for legal assistance. It is vital to find the balance between sounding knowledgeable and professional with remaining accessible to clients who may not have a legal background or be familiar with legal terminology.

Creating Your Header

While the title itself may seem like the most straightforward part of your page, consider the fact that it is likely the very first thing users see. Your header should communicate two things – the area in which you practice and the main topic you will be discussing on the page. To avoid reader fatigue, make sure you’ve narrowed your focus to one specific topic, such as bicycle accidents. You can always link to other pages if there are other topics that are closely related.

Writing Your Introduction

Your introduction serves as a brief summary of the rest of your content, enticing users to read ahead for further details. You should include an overview of the topic, then relate said topic back to the reader, highlighting why it may be relevant to them. For example, if you’re discussing brain injuries, consider referencing a common scenario that could lead to head trauma. The more closely the reader relates to the situation illustrated in your introduction, the more likely they are to remain interested in the rest of the content.

Providing Context and Describing the Relevant Services

After introducing the subject, you can go into more detail. At this stage, consider including relevant statistics and data that highlight the likelihood of the scenarios described. You can also provide more information on the complications and challenges involved in such a scenario and what sorts of negative consequences it can have. In the event of a slip and fall incident, victims could sustain internal injuries eventually resulting in costly, long term impacts on their health. By going over the numerous effects of the incident, you are further illustrating the importance of seeking legal guidance when faced with such an ordeal. Depending on the scenario, offering concrete, real life examples could be an effective strategy.

Explaining What Your Law Firm Can Offer

Having successfully depicted the gravity of the situation, you can introduce the benefits of working with an experienced attorney from your law firm. Explaining the role of a lawyer in the process is often very illuminating to prospective clients, who may otherwise not appreciate the value of your services. Depending on the structure of your practice area page, this could be incorporated into the previous section or discussed in a separate paragraph. Helpful information at this juncture includes potential compensation the victim may be entitled to receive, in addition to any legal obstacles or complications your law firm is capable of handling on their behalf.

Answering Potential Questions Ahead of Time

Clients are welcome to ask more specific questions related to their situations by contacting you directly, but they are more likely to do so if you take a proactive approach by providing important information. When expanding upon the two above sections, consider what types of questions your clients are most likely to ask and incorporate the answers to those questions. This strategy not only gives potential clients access to information, but it could also help your search engine optimization strategy.

Concluding with a Call to Action

After thoroughly describing the intricacies of the situation and describing how people can benefit from your services, it is critical that you make these services seem easily accessible. Including contact information in the conclusion of your practice area page will allow any interested parties to move forward with scheduling a meeting with your firm.

These tips will help you create a strong first impression, but they can be difficult to put into practice without experience. At RizeUp Media, we specialize in providing high quality written content that communicates the information your clients need to know while incorporating the personal touches that make your law firm truly unique. With our assistance, you can ensure that your practice area pages will not only detail what types of cases you handle but also the kind of service you provide. To get started, simply fill out our online form or contact us by calling 866-806-8538.